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The NO-AUCTION place to buy model car kits. No waiting several days and countless hours only to find that your bid was #2 and you did not get the wanted kits. Just view the various manufacture pages and select the kits you want to purchase. Send your order request via e-mail for verification of kit availability. It is that fast. Please read "Info." and "How To Order". Thank You and Build Car Models.

Larry Spitzer

Codes: SI=Open Box-Sealed Inside, FS=Factory Sealed Box, OC=Open Box-complete, 
BB= Bad Box, FB=Fair Box, GB=Good Box, EB=Excellent Box, RI=Reissued Kit, 
SSP=Special Subjects Program, BC=Buyers Choice..

Monogram kits are 1/24 scale, else indicated per specific kit.
Revell kits are 1/25 scale, else indicated by specific kit. 

ALL kits are in excellent condition and box condition ratings of 10 
(scale of 1 to 10 (10 = as new))unless indicated per the specific kit.

The number within the ( ) is the Mfg. date. Ex: (FS-82). The kit is Factory sealed and was
issued in 1982.

Thank You. Larry Spitzer  PO-Box 460134  Escondido, CA 92046-0134 

Please remember to carefully read the ordering instructions.

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