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Orders shipped to USA addresses only. Shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service) or 
UPS (United Parcel Service).
The costs to send one or two kits via USPS is usually the lowest. Larger orders costs less via UPS.
I will retrieve costs from both USPS and UPS to obtain the best lowest shipping costs.
Insurance is optional for USPS and orders shipped First-Class-Priority mail.
Insurance is included in UPS for the first $100. UPS charges an additional amount for values over 100.

Payment in the form of USPS MONEY ORDERS "ONLY".  This way I can pay the shipping, ship the package, cash the
money order all in one visit to the Post Ofiice and send your package faster. Safer and faster for you. Thanks.
PLEASE do not send any other type of Money Order. No personal checks. NO cash. Sorry, No Paypal.

Orders accepted in the order the e-mail is received (date and time).

ALL orders are important and appreciated. Orders processed as received on 
first-come-first-served basis.


Please include in your E-Mail subject - a message indicating "Model Car Kit purchase request" (or something similar).
Sometimes if the email Subject box is blank, the email may be routed to the spam folder by the email filters. 

Please list the Kit Mfg, Year/Kit#, Description, Qty, and Price Each.

Include your mailing address and ZIP CODE (used to calculate shipping costs).
If UPS is selected, they do not deliver to PO-Boxes. Include your house or business address and zip code.

I check the e-mail twice per day and will reply to all e-mails.

Upon receiving your e-mail order, I will verify the availability of the kits listed.
I will return an E-MAIL to you with the verification for the order, shipping costs, and total order

Please verify the results and return an E-MAIL to me with your decision to finalize the
order. Please respond within 24 hours to confirm the order.

I will then hold the kits for SEVEN (7) days as of the e-mail confirmation. If your payment is
not received within the SEVEN (7) days, the kit order will be cancelled.

Payments: USPS (United States Postal Service)MONEY ORDERS ** ONLY ** . This way I can pay the shipping, ship
the package, cash the money order all in one visit to the Post Ofiice, and send your package faster. Thanks.

Send a copy of the E-Mail order request/final cost details, your Mailing address (city-state-zip code),
phone number, with your payment to:

Larry Spitzer
Po Box 460134
Escondido, CA 92046-0134 


If there are any shipping problems, you must contact USPS or UPS. 

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Order Form - Print this form and enter your selections.
Any Questions ? Send e-mail to :

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Name _______________________________________________________________________________ 

Street Address _____________________________________________________________________ 

City_____________________________________ State___________ Zip code_________________

E-mail Address__________________________________________________________

Mail this Form, E-Mail Order Confirmation, and Payment (money order)
Made payable to: Larry Spitzer
Larry Spitzer - P.O. Box 460134 - Escondido,CA - 92046-0134

MFG --- Year/Kit# ---- Description --------------------------- QTY - $/EACH -- TOTAL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sub-Totals: Qty: _______ Amt$:________ Shipping Fees ________ TOTAL ORDER AMOUNT ________